28 -- eternal medicine

I start this hallowed rotation in the morning hour.

I did well here as a student, and I am looking forward to being on night call for three weeks straight.

I'm not really joking: this likely means no rounding with attendings and having a regular (not normal) schedule.

I have already gotten ~10 pages today, and I don't start 'till tomorrow.

I got paged while getting my pre-rotation haircut.

[Thick southern accents throughout]

Me: "This is Dr. S------, I'm returning a page."

Random Phonecall taker: "DR. SANLESIA -- anyone page DR.SANDLEGE?!!!

'just a minute'

Nurse: "Dr. S-------, are you taking care of Ms. Jonston?"

Me: "No."

Nurse: [speaking hurriedly] "Well she needs a consent . . . . . . ."

Me: [interrupting] "I am not on service as of yet."

Murse: ". . . Oh (pause)


Me: Continues generic conversation with barber.


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